RCB Vs. RR Match Prediction & Toss Bhavishyavani 3 October 2020

RCB Vs. RR Match Prediction & Toss Bhavishyavani 3 October 2020: Today in Indian premier league Royal challengers will take on Rajasthan royals in the 15 match. This will be the first match of this season that will be played in afternoon. The hype for RCB vs RR match prediction is on, and people have started to look for the winner of today’s match in advance. The stats for Bangalore and Rajasthan are almost same, both of them have played 3 matches, out which they have won 2 matches and lost one.

RCB vs RR match prediction & toss bhavishyavani

RCB vs RR match prediction & toss bhavishyavani

The only change is in the chronology in which they have lost and won the matches. RR won the starting 2 matches that they played while lost the latest one. RCB are showing the same sign of inconsistency that they have always showed in each IPL. They won their opening match but lost the 2nd one, then again won their last match.

RCB Vs. RR Match Prediction & Toss Bhavishyavani 3 October 2020

RR were looking in great form until their last match. They had won their starting 2 matches in style and showed a lot of promises, but their last match was a disaster as their batting line up completely summoned to Kolkata knight riders bowlers, and just batsmen, RR’s bowlers also looked helpless against KKR’s batsmen.

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While it’s hard to tell who will win RCB vs RR match prediction, but one thing is sure that if RR continue to depend majorly on their starting batsmen, then they may loose this match and come back to their previous performances.

RCB on the other hand have given the performance as they  were expected to give, mixed with winning and losing experiences. The way they won their last match was not very convincing, even after giving the huge target of 200+, their bowlers somehow managed to conceive that amount of runs despite opposition team being under pressure.

RCB Vs. RR Match Prediction 3 October 2020

Looks like RCB team management needs to learn something from SRH team management. IPL is said to be the batsmen game, but if you take a look at SRH team squad then you will know that they are more invested in finding good bowlers then buying high rated batsmen.

RCB has always invested fortune on buying star players, specially batsmen and this is one of the reason why they perform so badly every season. Instead of hunting a new talent and look for more economical players, they go on buying spree and fill their team with stars. And this is why people are giving RCB vs RR match prediction against RCB.

Take a look at all the players that RCB has had in previous seasons and where those players are now. Almost all star players performed below their natural game when they were in RCB, but as soon as they went in some other team they came back in form and are now playing brilliantly.

RCB Vs. RR Toss Bhavishyavani 3 October 2020

RCB needs to pay more attention in strengthening their bowling order, as seen in their last match their batting order has the capability to score good runs, but when it comes to defending, their bowlers fall short.

Now, talking about RCB Vs RR toss bhavishyavani for 3rd October 2020, then after looking at the toss stats of both the team, we predict that RR has more chances of winning the toss, as it has been observed that RCB’s captain Virath Kholi is not very lucky with IPL tosses.

Including his last game, Virath Kholi has lost 9 tosses in a row. That’s how unlucky he is when it comes to winning the tosses for RCB. But the bhavishyavani given above is entirely based on stats, if you are looking for most accurate ipl match prediction, then contact us on the given number.

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