KXIP Vs CSK Match Prediction & Toss Prediction 4 October Evening Match

KXIP Vs CSK Match Prediction & Toss Prediction 4 October Evening Match: Today in the 18th match of Dream 11 IPL (Indian Premier League) the all time favorite team of IPL Chennai super kings will face the in form kings eleven Punjab in the evening match of today 4th October 2020. This may be too early to judge the performance of any team, but CSK is loosing grip over IPL, and this is why KXIP vs CSK match prediction is not dominated by CSK as it used to be in  past.

CSK Vs KXIP match prediction & toss bhaishyavani

This year has been quite disappointing for CSK fans, as their team has not performed upto the mark that they had set in earlier IPL. This is a team that is know for it’s stable and consistent performance.

KXIP Vs CSK Match Prediction & Toss Prediction 4 October Evening Match

There was a time when people would blindly pronounce CSK as the winner of a match even before the game started, such was the reputation of CSK in previous IPL, but now it looks like M.S.Dhoni’s retirement has made his strategies and tactics grow rusty.

Though, according to previous stats of these two teams, the KXIP Vs CSK match prediction is favoring CSK, but the kind of performance that Punjab has given in this year so far, they have a lot of chances to win today’s IPL match.

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Although, KXIP has lost 3 matches our of the 4 matches that they have played, but the good thing about their game is they lost most of them giving a close fight to the opponent team, it’s just that they are falling short of luck every time. In all, we can say that we are seeing a totaly different KXIP team that we have seen in previous years IPL.

KXIP Vs CSK Match Prediction 4 October

With the amount of Experience that CSK had, and the stats that CSK hold against KXIP, one thing is clear that they are favorite to win KXIP vs CSK match prediction for 4ht October’s evening match. Both of these teams has been 22 times head to head, and CSK has been victorious in most of the matches, their winning tally is 13, while KXIP has only got 9 matches in their favor.

On stats of course Punjab do not look good, even if you take a look at the points table, then also KXIP do not have much impressive record, but if you have seen their starting 3 matches, then you will know why we are are bragging so much about KXIP.

They have shown a lot of promises this season, and each KXIP fan have placed a lot of hopes on them. Hopefully they will win this season’s IPL. But, it’s a long way and they will have to put their heart and souls to each game that they play, then only they will be able to make this dream of winning the IPL trophy come true.

KXIP Vs CSK Toss Prediction 4 October Evening Match

Now coming to the toss prediction for today’s match prediction, then as the record suggest, there are very few captains that can out run Dhoni (Captain of CSK) when it comes to luck, and K.L. Rahul (KXIP captain) is new in the field of captaincy, therefore it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that CSK will win toss today.

But winning or losing a toss entirely depends on luck, and luck is something that do not remain at someone’s side for long time. If KXIP manage to win the toss, then their chances to increase their winning tally over CSK will also increase greatly. So, let’s hope and wish they do win the toss.

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